Electronic Waste

Electronic waste is banned from landfill as it contains valuable resources that can be recycled and toxic materials that can harm the environment if disposed of incorrectly.

TV's, Computers and Computing Equipment- Disposal

There are a number of drop off points for TV's, computers and computing equipment in metropolitan Adelaide. Refer to the "E-waste drop off locations" to find a nearby location. Please note whilst some sites will accept e waste free some sites apply charges, please call to confirm conditions of service before attending site.

Mobile Phone and Accessories Recycling

The Civic Centre and all Port Adelaide Enfield's libraries are muster points for mobile phone recycling. Simply place your old mobile phones, chargers and earphones in the tubes provided for recycling. For more information on Mobile Muster including other muster point locations, please visit mobile musters website.

Smoke Alarm Disposal

In South Australia a maximum of two domestic ionisation smoke alarms can be legally disposed in the general waste bin during a seven day period.

Items accepted:

  • TV's - Analogue, LCD and Flat Screens
  • Computers- Monitors and Towers
  • Printers, Scanners, Keyboards and Mice
  • Other electronic items

Electronic waste including TV's, computers, hair dryers, toasters can be collected through Council's Free Residential Hard Refuse Collection Service. For further information on the hard refuse collection service please click here.

Please note solar panels cannot be collected as part of Council's Free Residential Hard Refuse Collection Service.


For further information regarding Council's Waste and Recycling Services please contact the Waste Line.
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